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This is how the board of directors is composed, with the each director’s post, type of directorship, shareholder represented, date of first appointment to the seat and the date of the last re-election. To find out more about their professional background and other boards on which they sit, click on each director’s name.

Asimismo, se facilita el acceso a la información de los Registros públicos de la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) sobre las acciones y opciones sobre acciones de Tubos Reunidos de las que los Consejeros son titulares.

Name and surename Post on Board of Director Type of directorship Representative Shareholder represented Date of first appointment Date of last reelection
Mr. Jorge Gabiola Mendieta Chairman Other external 30/05/2013 22/06/2017
Mr. Emilio Ybarra Aznar Vice-chairman Proprietary Mr.Emilio-Ybarra Churruca 16/08/1999 22/06/2017
Mr. Alfonso Barandiarán Olleros Director Proprietary Mr. Joaquín Gómez de Olea Mendaro 27/09/2013 22/06/2017
Mr. Enrique Migoya Peláez Director Proprietary BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, S.A 31-05-2018 27/06/2019
Ms. Ana Muñoz Beraza Director Independent 07/05/2015 27/06/2019
Mr. Juan María Román Goncalves Director Independent 22/06/2017
Mr. Cristóbal Valdés Guinea Director Proprietary Acción concertada Grupo Zorrilla Lequerica Puig 27/02/2018 27/06/2018
Ms. Leticia Zorrilla de Lequerica Puig Director Proprietary Acción concertada Grupo Zorrilla Lequerica Puig 29/06/2004 22/06/2017
Mr. QMC Director Ships, S.L. Director Proprietary Mr. Jacobo Llanza ALANTRA asset management SGIIC, S.A. 08/05/2014 27/06/2018
Ms. Inés Núñez de la Parte Secretary non member 27/02/2018

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