We are a global company with presence in over 100 countries in 5 continents, with the same vocation as the first day, 120 years ago, of being always close to our clients. Our commitment is to be the global leaders to satisfy customized requirements of tubular Premium products in the countries were we are present. We count with a powerful commercial network of 10 company branch offices and 25 commercial agents distributed throughout the leading international markets: Europe, Northamercia, Meadle East, Africa, Far East, Latinamerica and Oceania.

Tubos Reunidos Industrial Tubos Reunidos Industrial

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Manufacture of hot rolled and cold drawn seamless steel tubes with an outer diameter of between 26.7 mm. and 180.0 mm. and a wall thickness of between 2.5 mm. and 16 mm. in carbon and alloy steels (up to 9% of Cr and 1.5% of Mo) as well as steel rounded bars used as a raw material.

Steel making unit

Production capacity

360,000 tonnes/year of carbon and low and high alloy steel in round format with a diameter of between 160 and 200 mm. and equivalent square formats.

Main facilities

Electric furnace

  • Nominal Capacity: 100 TM
  • Power Transformer: 80 MVA

Ladle refining furnace

Continuous casting machine

Tube manufacturing unit

Production capacity

300,000 tonnes/year of hot rolled tubes with an outer diameter of between 26.7 and 180.0 mm. and wall thicknesses ranging between 2.5 and 16 mm., in carbon and alloyed steel (up to 9‰ Cr and 1.5‰ Mo).

Main facilities

Hot rolling

  • Rotary heating furnace for billets
  • Rotary drilling machine
  • Push bench equipped with 2 motors
  • Two natural gas fired walking beam furnaces for re-heating tubes
  • 30 stand stretch-reducing mill
  • 10 stand sizing mill
  • Multi-purpose finishing and preparation lines
  • Finishing lines specifically designed for manufacturing high performance tubes
  • Finishing lines for OCTG tubes with tempering, heat treatment, couplings and threading installation, fully equipped with straighteners, tube cutting saws, bevelling machines, markers, ultrasound testing equipment, etc. with a total production capacity of 300,000 tonnes per year.

Cold Drawing

  • Line for the preparation, cutting and surface treatment of cold drawn tubes.
  • Cold drawing lines (Benches of up to 100 tonnes of force and 24 m in cold drawing)
  • Continuous heat treatment furnaces.
  • Finishing lines for tubes from 16 to 120 mm. in Ø.
  • Cutting lines for small parts.
  • Finishing line for vehicle passive safety tubes.
Main means of inspection, control and testing

Non-destructive testing facilities

  • 3 DEFECTOMAT units
  • 1 ROTOMAT unit to detect longitudinal defects via evaluation of magnetic flux leakage
  • Eddy Check
  • MAGNATEST Equipment to test kinds of steel
  • Ultrasound equipment to measure wall thickness
  • Multiple ultrasound facilities to detect longitudinal and transversal defects on outer and inner surfaces and in the centre of the wall and to measure thickness.
  • Equipment for checking ends by magnetic particle analysis (longitudinal and transversal defects) on the inner and outer surface of the tubes
  • Equipment for checking couplings by magnetic particle analysis (inner and outer defects)
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing equipment in finishing area (Maximum testing pressure: 215 Kgs/cm²).
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing equipment in tube finishing workshop for "O.C.T.G." drilling (Maximum test pressure: 1,100 Kgs/cm²).

Mechanical testing laboratory

  • Equipped with traction and deformation testing machines, Charpy pendulum, durometers, etc.

Chemical and Iron and Steel Laboratory

  • Emission and plasma spectrometers, metallographic analysis equipment, furnaces, polishers, etc.

Productos Tubulares Productos Tubulares

Ctra. Galindo a Ugarte, s/n
48510 Valle de Trápaga-Trapagaran
Vizcaya, España

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Manufacture of Hot Finished Seamless Steel Pipes and Tubes in a size range covering from 190 mm up to 660 mm (7 1⁄2 -26") Outside Diameter and Wall Thicknesses up to 125 mm (5"), depending on the required Outside Diameters in all kind of Stainless, Alloy and Carbon Steel Grades.

Steel making unit

Main facilities:

  • 1 Electric furnace
  • Ladle refining furnace

Main means of inspection and control

  • Different equipment for spectrometry analysis -optical emission-, individual analysis of elements, etc

Tube manufacturing unit

  • Tube lines
  • Mechanical (carbon and alloyed).
  • High service temperature (carbon, alloyed and high alloy).
  • Low service temperature (carbon and alloyed).
  • Stainless steel (chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, undersea pipelines, mechanical uses, furnaces, etc.).
  • Tube lines for special uses.
  • Austenoferritic steel grades.
  • Incoloy.

Main facilities:

  • 2 rotary heating furnaces for billets
  • Tren de laminación para la laminación de tubos sin soldadura en diámetros desde 190 hasta 660 mm. y de longitud máxima 24 mts.
  • 1 walking beam furnaces for re-heating tubes

Main means of inspection and control

  • Hydrostatic pressure testers, ultrasound equipment, magnetic particle inspection equipment, roughness measuring devices, ferritometers, etc.


9022 Vincik Ehlert
Beasley, TX 77417 (USA)

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Manufacture Premium Upset Tubing, Drill pipe, Wear Knot™ drill pipe, heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars and Drill Accessories.

Our Machine Shop Capabilities include Re-Tool Jointing service, Re-Certified Heavy Weight and Internal Plastic Coatings.

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