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The underlying value of TUBOS REUNIDOS is the long term creation of sustainable value for our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society in general, whereby it defines itself as a company that is socially committed to human rights, ethics and integrity and good governance.

Therefore, the GROUP reinforces its commitment to incorporating social, employment and environmental criteria in the management of its companies, seeking the creation of added value that will lead to the GROUP's improved performance in the medium and long term.


Respect for the environment and commitment to sustainable development are basic pillars of action in the TUBOS REUNIDOS GROUP, where compliance with environmental legislation is a priority in all actions and activities.

TUBOS REUNIDOS INDUSTRIAL and PRODUCTOS TUBULARES have established and keep up-to-date environmental management systems certified according to the requirements of ISO 14001.Given the importance of pollution prevention in the steel industry, both plants, TUBOS REUNIDOS INDUSTRIAL and PRODUCTOS TUBULARES:

  • Have integrated environmental authorization, which establishes the operating conditions of the facilities for the protection of air, water and soil quality and for proper waste management, as well as proper monitoring of related environmental aspects.
  • Have established plans and resources to reduce the environmental risks of their activities, fully assume responsibility for the environment in terms of preventing, avoiding and repairing any adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Apply the best available technology in the steel industry in all processes and activities.
  • Participate in the greenhouse gas emissions trading system, submitting a yearly report on CO2 emissions resulting from production activity.

TUBOS REUNIDOS GROUP works with the rest of the steel industry through business organizations, such as ACYMA and UNESID, in finding new ways to improve and contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts such as: the recovery of waste and by-products generated in the production process, the reduction and control of atmospheric emissions, the conservation of soil and water quality, the efficient use of natural resources and raw materials, etc.

Occupational health and Safety

At TUBOS REUNIDOS, not only do all of our companies have the appropriate occupational risk prevention management systems and measures, but we also participate actively, along with public institutions and trade unions and employers’ organizations in the design and development of projects that foster the adoption of a preventive culture that reduces occupational risks and accidents in companies of the sector.


Our GROUP has made significant efforts in terms of quality through the optimisation of the production processes and the implementation of on-going improvement. In this respect, Tubos Reunidos Industrial holds the leading quality certificates: ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and API Q1. It also has the corresponding approvals required by different customers.

Productos Tubulares holds user licenses of Monograma API (American Petroleum Institute), ISO 9001/2008 certification for the Quality Management System and other leading certificates: AD 2000, Pressure Equipment Directive, IBR “Well Known Pipe Maker” and Det Norske Veritas. The company also has ASME certification as a Material Organisation (MO) in order to supply tubes for use in nuclear applications.

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